Vanessa J

I have had my daughter in 3 centers after having a private in home nanny because of my self employed status. The level of care that your facility provides to parents and their babies is second to none. I have sought out care that provides all natural, and healthy whole foods, educationally directed care, as well as TLC to our little ones during their very long days. I moved my daughter to Willowbrae in an effort to have her educated more, and be ready for primary because this aspect was lacking at her other preschool. Play is important but learning is also very important to their lovely little developing minds. Not a day goes by that I walk through the center thinking that I made an excellent choice for my daughter and her teachers have taken a genuine interest in her development in their care. The lesson plans and daily updates are amazing. The only reason we are leaving is because of location and her childcare needs. I highly recommend this facility to everyone. Thank…

Tessa G

Putting our child into Willowbrae, he learned so much and had so much fun going there. The teachers were excellent. I'm very glad he went to Willowbrae. Thank you for everything you've done for him.

Carla S

Willowbrae is a wonderful daycare with thoughtful caring staff and beautiful facilities. My children's days were full of fun and educational activities that prepared them well for school. I'm so happy to have found a daycare where I felt so comfortable leaving my children each day.

Rachel C

We enrolled my son at Willowbrae Academy when he was 13 months old and have never looked back. After considering several other childcare options, I can say that Willowbrae continues to stand out as exceptional in every way from our very first visit. The centre is welcoming, clean and very organized. The dedicated staff are clearly happy to be there and never seem harried; they are calm amongst the chaos that working with young children often entails. The centre is really flexible and is especially good at communicating with their families. Most importantly, my child is happy to go to his "office" and regularly talks excitedly about what they are doing every day. Thank you so much to all the Willowbrae staff for going above and beyond and giving our family such confidence in your capable hands!

Joselyn L

For the entire centre, I would not hesitate to recommend it to any of my friends. You have created a wonderful facility with wonderful teachers. I will be forever grateful for your guidance, support and advice over the past 3 years.

Jodie H

We had the pleasure of having both of our kids attend and now graduate from Willowbrae. The staff love them like their own and not a day went by where we worried about their wellbeing. Thank you for preparing our kids for big school!

Melissa G

Our Child had a great time. He learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

Erica S

I wanted to thank you again for everything and let you know once again that I am so impressed with the quality of the pre-primary education he has received from his teachers Ms. Shirley and Ms. Catherine, what a wonderful experience we have had at Willowbrae!

Steven S

Thank you again for taking the time today to give me a tour of your facility. It is by far the most beautiful daycare I have ever been in, and the cleanest! A great job to you and all of your staff!

Samantha H

The moment you walk into Willowbrae you know if your children can't be home with you this is where they should be. From the aroma of freshly baked goods coming from the kitchen to watching your children run up to their care provider for a big good morning hug, you walk our the door feeling at ease. Thank you to everyone at Willowbrae for enriching my boys lives!

Beth D

Thank you again for taking the time today to give me a tour of your facility. It is by far the most beautiful daycare I have ever been in, and the cleanest! A great job to you and all of your staff!

Kristine Q

Miss Shirley and Miss Kathryn, as well as Jessica and Jocelyn are amazing. They all go the extra mile every day to create a wonderful and learning environment for both of our girls.
Thank you!

Melanie D

My eldest son spent one year at Willowbrae before going off the 'big' school, then our youngest spent four very happy years here. The quality of care, the love and nurturing from every teacher they've had, and the growth and learning from this center are memories our family will treasure for life. Thank you for giving our boys the best head start to life.

Tracy M

I am writing to say how pleased we are with the childcare provided by Willowbrae Academy. We drop our children off in the morning and we are comforted in the knowledge that our children are receiving the best care. We use both the preschool and before school programs and both our children love to go there.

The preschool teachers have an excellent rapport with the children and the things that they are learning are amazing. I believe that this program is an excellent precursor to going to school and I recommend that other families put their trust in Willowbrae too. Thank you for your continued care and support for our family.

Kate M

I always felt very comfortable leaving my children in care of the staff. Very clean and organized classrooms and center. My children loved their Willowbrae experience.

Nicole C

My son has attended Willowbrae Academy Hammonds Plains, for about 3 years as we say our goodbyes, I wanted to share our experience, they’re truly amazing and so very helpful, the staff are beyond amazing, no words can express how much gratitude I have for the teachers at this daycare, I 1000% recommended Willowbrae, you know your child will be safe, clean, fed, taught and shown love at this daycare. Thank you Willowbrae

April C

It has been a pleasure to drop my daughter off each morning to a center that she loved going to. The teachers/ staff take the time to get to know each child. This past year was especially great. Her confidence drastically increased because of the programming preparing her for grade primary.

Mark P

As a parents its essential to choose right daycare providers as they become crucial part of their development/safety. Our daughter loves going to willowbrae Academy- she started from infant room and had a seamless transition from infant to toddler room with equal caring of the teachers. Willowbrae Daycare is a safe, secure, supportive and stimulating environment where children are free to grow to their full potential.

Lynn B

Our son is still going to Willowbrae in Hammonds Plains 2 days a week and loves it. So do we! There are some wonderful staff in that location.

Crystal P

Our two little boys now 3 and 4 have been attending Willowbrae since they were infants. Everything has been just amazing for us from Kids menu with in house chef with great nutrition to detailed Daily Report in the evening to HD monitoring to thumb scan security system and last but not the least great caring staff. Highly Recommended to all the parents who would like high quality care for their kids.

Danielle M

Both of my children attend Willowbrae and I couldn't be happier. My children love their teachers. There is a great balance of learning and fun. The communication between staff and parents is fantastic- I get a daily report emailed to me detailing their activities, meals, etc. There is an option to log into a live video feed if you want to peek in on your children too. I am always happy to recommend Willowbrae.

Amy M

Willowbrae has taught my children so much! Their caring staff make my children feel important and loved. Staff's loving nature made it easy for me as a mom to go to work and not worry. I felt like I was leaving my baby with family. If it weren't for the cost, we'd still be attending!

Mike B

Two years ago our family was posted to Halifax. Far from our friends, family and support network back in Ontario my wife and I desperately searched for a daycare provider that we felt would take proper care of our children. We decided on Willowbrae in Hammonds Plains. Our children were embraced with open arms from both new friends and their professional and caring teachers. We will always be thankful for the wonderful start Willowbrae provided our children and the many friendships we have all made along the way!

Cody B

Willowbrae has been absolutely amazing for our children's growth. The staff is extremely caring and really took special interest in our children. I would like to specifically name a few teachers that had the greatest impact on my children. Tiana, Shelby, Kathleen, Emily; thank you all for your amazing work and love you have shown our family. My son would be lucky to have teachers like you in the future.

Jasmine S

I love the great stuff Austin learns at preschool. My other two children attended a prestigious preschool in the South End of Halifax and I never felt this satisfied with their learning in the years they went there. Thank you!

Heidi Z

From the moment they walked through the doors, on day 1 of your opening, they were welcomed with open arms. The care they receive is outstanding! We can see in their faces how much they enjoy it. The staff is wonderful and centre is clean, organized, and safe. We love being able to peek into the life of our toddler throughout the day, and see that he is being so well cared for. So not only has Willowbrae met our expectations, you have gone far beyond anything we could have hoped for! Thank you for making our days better,


This was my son's first day care when we were in Scarborough before moving. Above all we loved the staff there. My son had a great time and loved going there. The facility has a camera which is very convenient. We were quite sad to leave the place but had no option. All the best for Willowbrae!

Mike C

I just wanted to thank you for your caring of and updating us on our son during this first week. Big thanks to Allison & Alex who seem like a really great team. I've been peaking in via your live stream occasionally and really enjoy having the chance to see our little man in their care. I love all the updates.

Willowbrae Parent

The staff have been truly wonderful to us over the last 2 1/2 years and have cared for our child with all their hearts. Every teacher we have interacted with is invested and truly enjoys being there with the kids each day. Never once have I walked in and had her teachers in bad moods or uninterested. They are professional and have always been engaged and supportive of both myself and my child during her journey. I have always felt that my child is safe, well cared for and her learning is a priority. The meals at Willowbrae are always healthy, cooked daily and enjoyed by the children. I can rest assured that she is eating very well and getting in lots of outdoor play time keeping her healthy and active. The environment is calm and the children are busy and happy. We highly recommend Willowbrae Academy

Shelly B

From day one I felt confident my child was in the best care. She loves going everyday and can not wait to see which adventure they will go on. Outdoor fun is big at the centre, from the amazing playground to the lake and the trails behind them where they have seen tadpoles and frogs.

Nicole B

Great school, programs and atmosphere. We did a lot of research and had all kids in another daycare and home daycare - none of which compare to Willowbrae in Burnside! Staff and teachers are great and care for each child!

Jamie H

Excellent location and very safe for children. The staff take great pride and enjoy what they do here at Willowbrae. If you are looking for a daycare service for your children I highly recommend Willowbrae Academy.

Krista Z

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for such a positive experience for Jenna, especially Miss Shirley. I truly feel this was the best decision we made to prepare her for school. I have no worries now. Thanks for running such a great Pre-School program. Everyone will be missed.

Stephanie V

I want to thank you and all the staff at Willowbrae for the positive experience he has had at daycare. Sydney has learned so much from the staff and his classmates over the last 3 years. It is amazing to see the skills he learned at Willowbrae in action outside of daycare.

David C

Willowbrae Academy had went far beyond my expectations as a childcare facility! There is Braeview which allowed me to view my child while at work, structured healthy meals, daily emails that let you know their daily activities, naps and meals. The knowledge and life lessons that my child has taken from Willowbrae into Public School is second to none! Thank you Willowbrae!

Maureen F

As a retired educator, I am impressed with Willowbrae Childcare Academy. I am impressed with those teachers/caregivers and also the healthy lunches/meals the children are served each day. The children who are fortunate to attend this school spend each day in a clean, happy learning environment. Hats off to all the dedicated staff, and thank you for your loving care of all the little children.

Cathy B

Hi from Edmonton

We miss Willowbrae so so much! Hope all is well there. Say Hello to Deavon and Amy and Bernie (high five from Connor). If you ever decide to come out here, book me a spot!!!!

Sheri WF

The Willowbrae staff is genuinely in tune with the needs of children and parents. Morning drop-offs can be challenging when parents need to balance getting to work on time with ensuring your child is settled in for the day. When staff notices a child is upset, they promptly distract with an engaging activity that allows you to head to work knowing your child is happy and content. Their professional and personal touch makes all the difference! When I'm asking where my child attends daycare, I'm always proud to say Willowbrae. Why? Because it's much more than just a daycare. As the mother of a preschooler, I'm keenly interested in the learning that happens at this level. Willowbrae's Young Scholars program with its focus on developing the foundations of literacy and math gives me confidence that learning can be self-directed, intentional and also fun. The daily reports keeps parents involved in the day to day learning so skills may also be reinforced at home. There is no question in…

Jennifer R

Hi Michelle and Jenn,

I hope all is well at Willowbrae. Our daughter is enjoying "big school" but sure misses her friends and teachers at Willowbrae, as do I. What an amazing preparation she has had for primary. Her teacher says she is one of the more advanced students in the class. I certainly credit this to the hard work and dedication of Ms. Shirley and Tiana. What wonderful gifts they have given their students, both educational and social. Our daughter has the skills necessary to positively interact with classmates and control her own emotions thanks to her preschool teachers. However, our daughter did express to me some disappointment, "Mommy, at big school, we don't even have shark week!". haha! Thank you for preparing her so well for this transition! Are you planning on having summer camps for school aged children next year? Thank you,

Maxine L

We are extremely satisfied with the care our little one receives at Willowbrae. They genuinely care about her well being and development and are always accommodating to anything we need. The facility is excellent and all food provided is very healthy. It is a happy, nurturing environment and she loves it there. Highly recommended - 5 stars!

Krista H

My daughter loved her time at Willowbrae and her baby sister may be coming in a few years!

Anika C

You can tell the staff at Willowbrae love children. They are truly passionate about the kids and that shows in the care they provide. We can't thank you enough for everything you have done for our daughter.

Amanda J

I looked at many daycares before choosing Willowbrae. There are so many other daycares that are more expensive but don't have the quality of Willowbrae. The staff are so easy to talk to, help with any concerns and make fun lesson 'plans' for the kids to learn. If we could do before/after school there, we wouldn't leave!

Jennifer M

My child has gotten much better than when he originally started!

Jennifer N

Willowbrae has been a blessing for our family! Our daughter (nearly 3) has been attending since she was 9 months old. We love the teachers and they have been so wonderful in making her comfortable and happy. She has learned so much and we smile every time she tells us about her day with all her friends! We have recommended Willowbrae many times because we are so very pleased with our experience.

John & Krista H

As parents, you want the very best for your children; this is especially true when it comes to childcare. We couldn't have asked for better when our daughter enrolled at WB. In the years she was there, she thoroughly enjoyed the activities, playground and daily walks. She had fun and made friends. The staff are so attentive and committed to the children in their care. We only wish we'd enrolled her sooner!

Kristin M

As a first time mom, I knew that choosing a daycare would be one of the hardest things. When I started that journey, I could not find a center I felt comfortable with leaving my baby boy. That was until I found Willowbrae - Hammonds Plains. From the very first meeting, I knew this was the place for us! Almost 3 years and 2 children later, words cannot express how thankful my family is for each and every teacher at Willowbrae. Their attention to detail, creativity and learning environment is beyond what we could have hoped for. I see everyday how much these teachers care for and love my children, and I know they feel the same way!

Heidi D

The child monitors help you transition as a new parent, dropping your child off in the early years. They help you feel more at east when you have tough drop offs, knowing you can see them settle quickly when logging into their live feed. Very play-based, kids get lots of outdoor time whether on the playground or with their class walking on the trails. Love the binder full of daycare memories they get to take home with them when they graduate.

Sarah M

We have absolutely loved our time with Willowbrae. Everything about this place was wonderful and I will recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much for our daycare experience. Everyone will be missed!

Lori K

As a working mother of 3, it's hard to find a place that can provide a comfortable, secure and nurturing environment; however, I found that place with Willowbrae. Willowbrae creates an environment where children have fun as well as develop wonderful relationships while learning together and making new friends. I would recommend Willowbrae to anyone who is looking for the very best care for their child.