Inquire with the Academy Director for details.

Staff requirements vary depending on the government regulations by province. Willowbrae Academy meets or exceeds all regulations. Ask the Academy Director for specific details.

This number varies depending on the child’s age. We follow the government regulations for staff to child ratios. Ask the Academy Director for specific details.

Provide 3 changes of clothes. Also send appropriate attire for the season, as children will be playing outside throughout the day (i.e. hat, mittens, sweater). Depending on the age, provide extra diapers, wipes, and bottles. You will be provided a list of items on your family orientation.

Send an email to the Academy email address, or converse with them at drop-off and pick-up times.

Willowbrae Academy takes pride in our quality of care and respect for each child. We lead by example and use positive behavioral strategies to help and encourage children learn to respect their friends and teachers in the classroom.

Yes. The staff will ensure a parent knows what is going on with their child. Parents will receive constant updates from staff, this maybe through direct communication with the educators or through Braeview™ Software.

Parents are notified whenever an incident occurs with their child. An incident report is filled out for parents to sign. If the injury is serious a call will be made to the parent/guardian immediately.

The Academy follows the government regulations for illnesses, children who exhibit any of the following symptoms will not be accepted for care: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, infection, persistent coughing, swollen glands, unidentified rash, pain/aches, chicken pox, etc. or have been diagnosed with a contagious condition. If your child becomes sick while at the Academy, you will be notified and required to arrange pick up of your child. Children can return to the Academy after being symptom free without the aid of medication for 24 hours. Additionally, during times of elevated infection risk or pandemic the Academy takes increased measures. To learn more, visit our Health Management page on our website.

We take pride in the quality of food we provide for our children at Willowbrae Academy. Our menu is developed by a registered Dietician to ensure we exceed government regulations. Children are offered a wide variety of healthy foods and encouraged to try new food items, but understand if they choose not to. Our menu is posted on our Braeview® Software.

We prefer to call this “quiet time” because it is the choice of the parent if they want their child to have a nap. Quiet time takes place in the classroom, and the duration varies depending upon government regulations.

Our Braeview® Software sends daily report emails to each parent reporting on the child’s naps, food, potty, play time, activities, and more.

Staff are constantly communicating with parents regarding their child’s development. When the parent(s) and child are ready we will assist in the process.

This duration varies depending on government regulations. Consult your Academy Director for more details. Typically, twice a day.

Any special events or field trips will be posted on our Braeview® Software. If special requirements are necessary, a permission form will be sent home to be signed. Ask the Academy Director for specific details on parent participation requirements.

Our School Ready Program will fully prepare your child for school in September.

Yes. Progress Reports are updated regularly for each child by the classroom Educators. Parents can view their child’s progress report and complete the parent section of the progress report on our Braeview® Software.

Yes. You are required to list the individuals who are permitted to pick up your child on your Willowbrae Academy® registration form. If someone who does not typically pick up your child is picking them up, let the Academy know in the morning or call when possible. They will be required to show valid picture identification.

As per the Parent Policy Manual, late pick-ups are charged by the minute. It is mandatory for our staff to stay until the last child leaves the Academy. However, if a parent is excessively late with no explanation, community services must be notified.

No. The Academy must still maintain child to staff ratios and be staffed. On holidays, staff are still paid.

Yes. Pictures are uploaded to the Braeview® Software on a regular basis which are available for print and download.

Each of our Academies has a Parent Committee. This depends on the province location. Ask the Academy Director for specific details.

Each of our Academies has a Parent Committee. This depends on the province location. Ask the Academy Director for specific details.