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What is Willowbrae Creative Kids?

At Willowbrae Academy we understand creative play is important for young children and have developed Creative Kids, a unique program exclusive to our Academies, to meet their needs. Children learn about the world around them by looking at, listening to, and touching their surroundings. The goal of Willowbrae Creative Kids is to provide an environment that exposes children to a creative atmosphere through participation in artistic and cultural activities.

Learning Branches

Willowbrae Creative Kids

Our children express themselves through arts and crafts. Art activities are unstructured - promoting self-expression and creativity. In contrast crafts are structured, goal-oriented activities designed to improve motor skills and thinking.

Willowbrae Creative Kids

Acting, puppetry and storytelling are just a few of the activities included in Dramatic Play.

Willowbrae Creative Kids

Using a wide variety of music our children are encouraged to listen, sing, play musical instruments and even compose.

Willowbrae Creative Kids

Moving in new ways helps develop body awareness and control.

Willowbrae Creative Kids

Our families and communities play a vital role in our culture and heritage. Our children learn about the past and are exposed to different values and beliefs. This teaches tolerance and diversity, while developing a sense of pride in who they are.

Why is Willowbrae Creative Kids important?

Creative play is a vital learning tool in children’s development. It builds confidence and pride, improves communication and social skills, encourages self-expression, promotes problem solving and enhances fine motor skills.

Willowbrae Creative Kids encourage our children to explore their thoughts and ideas and use their imagination. When they are creative the sky’s the limit!

Creative Kids