learning philosophy


Foundational to the Willowbrae Academy experience is respect and understanding. We respect every child as a unique individual and understand that all children grow and develop at their own pace.

Our team supports and believes that children learn through play and the natural exploration of their environment. We provide hands on learning for children in a nurturing and stimulating environment that promotes independent thinking and an intrinsic joy for learning.

Together, our team of dedicated Early Childhood Professionals provides children with opportunities that support all areas of their early childhood education and physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. These developmental areas are enhanced by providing programs that reflect the children's interests and abilities. Daily programs focus on play-based experiences and activities that encourage each child to reach their full potential. Indoor and outdoor play, individual and small group time, teacher-directed and child-initiated activities, as well as active and quiet periods throughout each day, encourage children to be strong, self-confident individuals with a respect for themselves and others.

Learning Philosophy Branches

Balanced Curriculum

Children learn best through play whether it is teacher guided or child initiated. Willowbrae Academy curriculums are designed to create learning opportunities through interactions, relationships, environments and experiences. We believe that a balanced curriculum in all areas of development will allow children to maximize their learning potential.

Individual Development & Characteristics

Every child is a unique individual and we understand that all children grow and develop at their own pace. Our Academies help a child find their sense of self and promote the development of values, morals, emotions and intelligence. We encourage multiculturalism, inclusion, independence, self-confidence and respect for oneself and others.

Physical Environment

Our Academies are designed by professionals who focus on a child’s needs. Willowbrae provides children with a safe, healthy, comfortable, flexible, and child-sized environment that supports their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

Enriched Programs

Willowbrae Academy recognizes children’s learning needs are diverse. We believe in providing enriched programs that meet the needs of every child in our care. Staff expose children to new experiences and skills that will help then grow as individuals and reach their full potential. Children participate in fun activities that enrich, strengthen and expand their learning.

Integrated Programs

All learning is connected. Integrated programs allow children to add other elements to existing activities. Our programs are based on a child’s interest and designed to stimulate curiosity and possibilities.

The Outside Classroom

The outside environment is an extension of the classroom. Outdoor play develops motor skills, contributes to cognitive and social-emotional development, and builds an appreciation for the outdoors. At Willowbrae, children have opportunities to explore the community and surrounding resources as part of the curriculum.

Hands-on Activities
Hands-on Activities

Learning by doing. Hands-on activities involve children in a total learning experience which enhances their ability to think critically. Children engage their minds and bodies in sensory experiences while listening, talking and making their own discoveries.

Family Centered
Family Centered, Community Based

At Willowbrae we firmly believe that to effectively meet children’s needs, staff must work closely with families and communities. Teaching and learning is not an isolated endeavour, rather teamwork involving positive interaction between children, staff, parents and community.