Health Management

In 2020, the world saw COVID-19, the first pandemic in modern history to circle the globe in a few short months. World leaders, regional governments, businesses, and the public were all under- prepared to deal with a pandemic of this magnitude. Likewise, childcare in Canada was also unprepared for such a pandemic and provincial governments subsequently ordered childcare providers to temporarily stop providing care.

When this occurred, Willowbrae Academy immediately mobilized a National Health Management Committee to focus on the development of new health management protocols to ensure our staff and the children we serve are safe and cared for in a reduced health risk environment. The mandate of this committee is to establish policy and procedures that ensure our Academies:

  1. effectively deal with risk associated with the current pandemic; and,
  2. are prepared to deal with future illness outbreaks.

Willowbrae Academy has established a National Health and Safety Manager in addition to establishing local Academy Health and Safety Managers within each Academy. These individuals are responsible for the effective implementation of preventative health measures to decrease risk, and ensure we respond effectively to any situation that may arise. We have established three health management levels for the operation of our Academies: Level One, Level Two and Level Three. Academies will post the management level it is currently operating under on the parent information board and at entrances. The following is a brief overview of each management level. Detailed information can be obtained from the National or Academy Health and Safety Manager.

Health Management Levels

Level 1
  • Academy operating at normal risk level.
  • Academy is operating at normally.
  • Standard sanitization and cleaning requirements.
Level 2
  • Academy has 5+ suspected or confirmed cases or the Regional Health Authority has validated an outbreak and high-risk period for possible spread of communicable illness. (i.e., lice, hand, foot & mouth, fifth disease, pink eye, etc.) Government-deemed high-risk period for possible life-threatening communicable illness.
  • Academy classrooms may be open or closed during this period as directed by the Regional Health Authorities. Additional screening measures will be implemented.
  • Increased sanitization and cleaning requirements. Micro-level cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces and moveable objects throughout the entire Academy.
  • Single point of entry.
Level 3
  • Communicable illness is declared a pandemic by government officials and the Academy has been ordered to close by the Local Health Regulator.
    - or -
    Communicable illness is not widely spread within the public, but the Academy has greater than 10% absenteeism for a specific illness.
  • Academy is closed for a minimum of 72 hrs or as directed by Government authorities. Upon reopening the Academy will resume operations at Level 2.
  • Increased sanitization and cleaning requirements. Micro level cleaning and disinfecting of all affected surfaces and moveable objects within the Academy, performed by a professional cleaning company.