Academy Features


Academies designed by professionals with a focus on children's needs. At Willowbrae Academy we realize the importance of providing a safe, secure environment for children. Our Academies are committed to putting each child’s well-being foremost. We offer a safe-haven for children and the peace of mind for parents knowing their children are safe. To ensure we deliver high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment all of our Academies are equipped with the following features:


Biometric Fingerprint Access Control

Willowbrae Academies are equipped with biometric access control with fingerprint scanning. Only authorized personnel can enter the premises. Parents can feel reassured that their children are safe and sound when they are in our care.

On-site Kitchens and Chefs

Willowbrae chefs prepare dietitian-designed snacks and lunches on site. Menus follow Canada’s Food Guide and are prepared from scratch using only the freshest ingredients. All our staff follows strict food safety and handling procedures including allergy awareness education.

Professional Cleaning Staff

Willowbrae Academy employs professional cleaners who are responsible for the overall cleaning and maintenance of the Academy at day’s end. In addition to having professional cleaning done ECE staff are required to maintain their classrooms, equipment and learning materials in a professional and healthy standard at all times. All areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to maintain a safe standard and minimize illness.

Large Classrooms with Lots of Natural Light

At Willowbrae many of our rooms and windows exceed industry standard size. We believe that providing our children with extra space and natural light offers them an environment that is bright, creative and stimulating. Our Academies strive to give children the best possible environment to thrive and grow.

Separate Sleep Rooms for Infants

Establishing good sleep habits helps your child fall sleep, stay asleep, and awake rested and refreshed. At Willowbrae, we provide Infants with separate sleep rooms in many of our academies because they have different needs for rest than older children. We ensure children are separated into age-appropriate rooms to meet their individual needs.

Outdoor Secure Playgrounds

All of our academies have age appropriate playgrounds, separated by groups. Our play areas have security fencing, secure Liveview HD and exceed all safety standards. Outdoor play areas and equipment are inspected on regular bases for repairs and maintenance to ensure the safety and well-being of our children.

Liveview HD Cameras

All our classrooms and outdoor playgrounds are equipped with secure Liveview High Definition cameras. Our Live stream service enables parents to view their child throughout the day in real time. It gives parents piece of mind to be able to see what their child is doing throughout the day.