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Freedom to Learn Remember when you were a kid? What did you want to do? You wanted to play. You wanted to be free, to explore, to look at stuff, dig up some flowers and hang out with other kids. While you were free, running from mom, hiding from dad, you were learning. You were putting letters together and linking them to sounds, then words, your mind was a race car with a new engine, all revved up. You were free to learn. Wow! Our childcare experts realize this and build programs to encourage learning. It is called experiential learning, but for the children and us, it is simply freedom.
One Inclusive World Respect for every child, every employee and every person is more than a philosophy at Willowbrae Childcare Academy™, and a way of life. Inclusive is a word that is often used, to say, "we don't discriminate", but that is not the desired intention or meaning. Inclusive is about an uncluttered, heart felt, open and joyous way of living with other people. It can be a business term, but for us it is more about bringing the best of what should be to the smiling young faces that are our future.
A Team of Childcare Experts and Business Professionals Extraordinary, quality childcare is sometimes hard to find. What makes Willowbrae so different and so exciting is our wonderful team. Our childcare experts work for your children, not a budget, because the business folks provide a worry free workplace. This is the nature of all great teams; communication, growth and improvement. 
Quality = Standards multiplied by Passion Our formula sounds simple, and really, it should be. All childcare providers have standards that are set by government and expectations set by parents; this is basic quality management, but we don't believe it is enough. At Willowbrae we take standards and we exceed them, which is great, but then we add our passion, and build quality we can believe in.  We expect that passion for childcare from everyone on our team. This is how standards become quality that your family can believe in.
Your Home to Our Home While you are away, we create a warm and welcoming world for your children. Each day is full of care, education and attention, so we truly blend your love and experience with our efforts. Thus your children feel safe and loved, they go from one trusted home, yours, to another trusted home, ours.
Our Braeview™ Software brings Your Family Together Smart phones connect us to the world, but as parents, the world often comes in a smaller package, our family. We asked parents about how we could help, the answer was simple, provide continuous updates about their child's day. Braeview™ is our innovative, custom built report system that brings parents real time information to their computers and smart phones. Parents can review the well being of their children at any time. Once again, Willowbrae provides a higher level of service through the innovation of Braeview™.

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  • Willowbrae Academy® announces partnership with BodyBreak®’s Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod Willowbrae Academy® announces partnership with BodyBreak®’s Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod
    Exclusive national fitness program, Willowbrae KID FIT™, part of all childcare programs. On Monday, April 7, 2014  Wayne Cochrane, President and CEO of Willowbrae Academy®  announced a new partnership with Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod, Canadian fitness icons and founders of BodyBreak®. Willowbrae Academy® wants to help combat...
  • Welcome to our new affiliate Dana Hodgins
    Welcome to our new affiliate Dana Hodgins, Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)! Dana has been working as an SLP since 2004 and is the owner of Words by the Sea, Speech & Language Services. Resident in our Burnside corporate office, Dana is looking forward to collaborating with our directors, early childhood educators and parents to help children with...
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